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Richard Kotze

Software Engineer

Building London Traveller app


I talk about publishing the London Traveller app to the world and what it's like to use the Ionic Framework.

Useful JavaScript snippets


I will highlight some useful JavaScript code that you might find helpful with your app development. The things I cover are how to use the call and apply, more precise typeof operator and extending functionality to JavaScript's global objects.

Upload multiple images to web server


Continuation from preview selected images tutorial, I will now explain how to take the preview file data and upload it to the server. The files will be uploaded using jQuery AJAX.

A faster web: Delay JavaScript loading to last


Tip for enhancing performance for your website by delaying the loading of JavaScript to the very last. Could make a difference of 1 - 3 seconds faster for the first render that will encourage a significant amount of users to wait for the rest of your website to load.

@font-face throwing a 404 on woff file


.woff throwing a 404 in Google Chrome and Firefox when using IIS. There is a simple web.config change to make to get this working.

My program feels a bit fragile


I had to write a program that updates certain links across some websites. This sounds like a tedious job but I need to add nofollow to these links. If you have a web site with thousands of pages then you don't want to scan and update each one manually. What you need is a script that can do this for you with the benefits it will be faster and more accurate. But at a point the code felt like it was fragile ...