After installing the latest firmware version 3.70 for the PlayStation 3 I noticed that the TV option had disappeared. How the hell did that happen?! This of course means that I could not access the BBC iPlayer via the icon, not like it was an issue just annoying, since it was basically loading it in the browser. I don’t know if anyone has tried using the new version of the BBC iPlayer in the_ PlayStation browser_, it kind of doesn’t work. You can navigate using the D-Pad but you can’t actually click through to the actual video item. The essential bit! Then I thought I will just search for the item using Google, found the TV series clicked on it and was faced with a loading screen that did not load anything! I gave it two minutes more that enough time. Great can’t access that actual videos directly, this is unbelievably frustrating, I was about to explode!

Solving the issue

I would not call this an actual solution to the problem but it does bring back the TV option in the PlayStation navigation which you can then install the iPlayer application. All you need to do is log into vidzone come back out of it and for some magical reason its back. WOW! Some sort of bug somewhere in the software. If you don’t have vidzone installed all you need to do is sign into the PlayStation Store, scroll all the way down the menu where you reach “Other Media”, select it and download the free application. Hopefully this will bring back the TV section and you can install the new BBC iPlayer Application.

The new BBC iPlayer App for the PS3 is way better than the previous version.It’s natural to navigate using the D-Pad and fairly quick to load, but it sometimes lags behind if you scroll through fast. Overall a major improvement once you figure out how to install the app, which I can’t help but think that PlayStation messed up.