This is my software engineering blog and I try to post every Monday morning (but sometimes that does not happen). I write these posts because I think it’s important to share knowledge and it helps me understand better what I have learned.

I maintain my open source projects and contribute to others, see my GitHub account to find out more.

I’m an advocate for following XP practices and Agile software development. TDD is a great tool to improve quality, prevent regression and help solve complex problems.

Pair programming is important for building quality software efficiently in a team. It achieves shared knowledge among team, improved quality and helps toward a predictable delivery pace. Some developers might be concerned they are not getting attribution on commits and I’ve created Git Mob to help manage co-authors for commits.

Even though I don’t actually design the UI for web applications any more I do enjoy participating in the UX development, to help gain insight how a user might interact with the app. I believe it’s important to deliver a quality user experience and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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