LanceDarkly: manage feature toggles in VS Code


I created LanceDarkly logo LanceDarkly, a VS Code extension to help make it easy to manage LaunchDarkly toggles without leaving the editor. What are LaunchDarkly toggles? It’s a service which enables a way of remotely managing the visibility of app features. Toggles are especially handy for trunk-based development and continuous deployment practices by enabling engineers to build features without the end-user seeing it. When that feature is ready, the toggle can be switched on to make the feature visible for all. LaunchDarkly toggles have many other options including splitting traffic to provide a way to split test.

Why did I build LanceDarkly?

Co-author commits with Git Mob


As the co-creator of Git Mob, a CLI tool to add multiple co-authors to a commit, I thought a good addition would be to build a UI around it in VS Code. This makes it super simple to see who you are co-authoring with and change without needing to remember any commands. Most importantly it consistently generates the meta data for co-authoring commits to GitHub. See Git Mob for VS Code to get started.

Joinable - Join strings with built in control flow


What is Joinable: A library to join strings together without the need to check if a value is a falsy like undefined.

Why use it: Keep your code base clean by removing the if else statements and improve the readability.

Joinable API in the read me on Github and is an NPM package.

Building London Traveller app


This project was about using Ionic Framework to build a mobile app and publish it to the Android play store.