@font-face throwing a 404 on woff file


I’ve noticed that in Google Chrome and FireFox console the font file resources .woff throws a 404 when using @font-face CSS feature.

You will need to add a configuration to allow IIS to serve the font. In your web.config you can add the follow lines in the system.webServer block:

            <mimemap fileextension=".woff" mimetype="application/x-font-woff">

By applying this mimeType: application/x-font-woff for .woff will should fix this issue in Chrome and Firefox. This is the mimeType they request and IIS can’t work out which file type is should serve until it registered in the web.config or IIS.

Can't add or edit contacts on iPhone iOS 5


If you have recently upgraded to the new iOS 5 and opted to use the iCloud you might have noticed that you can no longer add or edit your contacts. If you are one of these people the fix is quite simple but some what annoying.

BBC iPlayer on PS3 not working?


After installing the latest firmware version 3.70 for the PlayStation 3 I noticed that the TV option had disappeared. How the hell did that happen?! This of course means that I could not access the BBC iPlayer via the icon, not like it was an issue just annoying, since it was basically loading it in the browser. I don’t know if anyone has tried using the new version of the BBC iPlayer in the_ PlayStation browser_, it kind of doesn’t work. You can navigate using the D-Pad but you can’t actually click through to the actual video item. The essential bit! Then I thought I will just search for the item using Google, found the TV series clicked on it and was faced with a loading screen that did not load anything! I gave it two minutes more that enough time. Great can’t access that actual videos directly, this is unbelievably frustrating, I was about to explode!