As the co-creator of Git Mob, a CLI tool to add multiple co-authors to a commit, I thought a good addition would be to build a UI around it in VS Code. This makes it super simple to see who you are co-authoring with and change without needing to remember any commands. Most importantly it consistently generates the meta data for co-authoring commits to GitHub. See Git Mob for VS Code to get started.

Add multiple co-authors to a commit

Git Mob vs marketplace Git Mob project stars on GitHub Git Mob project watchers on GitHub

Git Mob VS Code demo Demo of Git Mob in Visual Studio Code

Features of Git Mob for Visual Studio Code

The VS Code extension needs Git Mob CLI to be install for it work. The reason for this is if you are switching between console and VS Code the state of selected authors in sync.

Git Mob is integrated with the Git tab in VS Code so it’s there to remind you to update/change your co-authors when pair programming.

The list shows who is selected, not selected and other contributing authors which are not included in your .git-coauthors file. This allows you to easily add new authors to your list without typing in their details.

Selecting the search icon on More Authors lets you filter through and add to your .git-coauthors file which is handy if their is a lot of contributors.

The title bar has an action to open your .git-coauthors file to allow you to manage your co-authors and when you save the file the UI is updated instantly.

If there are any ideas you want to see in Git Mob Visual Studio Code please create an issue or fork the repository and make a pull request.

If you like the project please share with your friends and star the repository.

You can read more about Git Mob in this post.