I’ve moved away from using a Git GUI to command line, I typically used GitExtensions. The reason being, it’s a little annoying having to open any GUI to make a commit and push. It is quicker to use the command line and you learn more about how Git works.

Git push and pull on Windows

One thing that blocked me from a simple git push is the SSH setup on windows can be fiddly. The simplest way round it is to use putty choco install putty. Then all that needs to be done is SET an environment variable GIT_SSH with the value of the path to Putty’s plink.exe. Plink is similar to UNIX SSH as it creates access to your repository on a remote.

Set GIT_SSH variable example.

SET GIT_SSH=C:\path\to\PuTTY\plink.exe

Then you need to add the Git user to plink for the authenication to happen. plink.exe [email protected]

Provided you have:

  • created your SSH keys to access your Git repository
  • added these to Pageant.exe which is the authentication agent

To test out if you can connect to your github.com remote, enter: plink.exe -v [email protected].

If you see a successful authentication message, it should now be possible to git push on the command line to your repository.

How to add your SSH key to Pageant.

C:\path\to\PuTTY\pageant.exe c:\pathtoprivate-ssh-key.ppk`

Git in Sublime

Try out SublimeGit package. You have most of the Git functionality and you don’t need to leave Sublime.

See my post for connecting to GitHub with OpenSSH on Windows